Gai Beach Hotel

gai beach hotel

    beach hotel
  • The Beach Hotel was a seasonal resort in Galveston, Texas. It was built in 1882 by architect Nicholas Clayton, at a price of US$260,000 (US$ in today's terms) to cater to vacationers. Owned by William H. Sinclair, the hotel opened on July 4, 1883 and was destroyed by a mysterious fire in 1898.

  • The Beach Hotel is an historic de-licensed pub in the inner west Sydney suburb of Rozelle, above White Bay. It is currently a private residence after having been in a long state of abandonment.

  • GAI (ГАИ|p=???i), short for State Automobile Inspectorate , are the Russian traffic police. They are responsible for the regulation of traffic, investigating traffic accidents, and manning the stop lights. GAI officers are called "GAI inspectors" in Russia.

  • Global Ability Index, an alternative calculation to the WISC-IV Full Scale IQ score, that removes the Working Memory and Processing Speed scales from the calculation, if they inaccurately lowered the Full Scale IQ score.

  • In the vocabulary of gene identification, GAI, also known as GA INSENSITIVE, is an gene.



Yeu thuong dong d?y noi trai tim Anh va m?i ngay e c?m nh?n no b?ng m?i cach khac nhau.
Ch? co Anh,chinh Anh m?i co th? mang d?n cho e nh?ng ni?m vui,va hp nhu th?. Don gi?n th? thoi. Nhung ch?c da co ai lam du?c..nhu Anh da lam!!!

# TR? TAG cho pe Heo #

1.List nh?c g?m it nh?t 30 bai.
2. D?t may nghe nh?c/chuong trinh nghe nh?c c?a b?n ? ch? d? Ng?u nhien (shuffle/random).
3. V?i m?i cau h?i, ?n next song d? bi?t cau tr? l?i.
4. B?t bu?c ph?i vi?t ten bai hat du no ngu si nhu th? nao di n?a so v?i cau h?i.
5. Tag them 10 n?n nhan
B?t d?u!
1.N?u ai do nh?n xet r?ng "B?n r?t ?n!" b?n s? noi:
- If that's ok with you \m/
2. B?n s? t? gi?i thi?u nhu th? nao v? b?n than?
- Babie Girl ( K dung s? th?c)~~~~~~~~~~~
3. B?n thich di?u gi ? 1 chang trai/co gai?
-Turn to the sadness :|
4. Hom nay b?n c?m th?y nhu th? nao?
- On Rainy days =))
tr?i dang n?ng chang chang
5. M?c dich s?ng c?a b?n?
-Th? con chien banh :)) k th? tin dc
6. Phuong cham c?a b?n?
- Love the way you lie =X
7. B?n be nghi gi v? b?n?
-Girlfriend O.o
8. B? m? b?n nghi gi v? b?n?
-B?i r?i =))))))))) minh da lam gi dau nh? !!
9. D?o nay b?n hay nghi d?n chuy?n gi?
- Hotel room service :)) Cac bn k dc suy di?n nhe
10. Cau chuy?n cu?c d?i b?n ?
- Crazier :-o
11. Khi l?n len b?n mu?n lam gi?
- Somebody's me :* Thic bai nay l?m
12. B?n nghi gi khi nhin th?y ngu?i b?n thich?
-Breathless lol s hay th?
13. B?n s? hat bai gi trong dam cu?i?
-Cho nhau l?i di rieng =))))) chung qanh ch?t :-o
14. Trong dam ma c?a b?n, ngu?i ta s? hat bai gi?
-Ch?t la n?i dau :)) th?c la da man
15. S? thich c?a b?n?
-Love like this :)
16. Bi m?t l?n nh?t c?a b?n?
- Perfect =] cai nay hoi qa
17. N?i s? l?n nh?t c?a b?n?
- Nobody =))))))))
18. Di?u b?n mu?n ngay luc nay?
- Wedding dress [hoi xa xoi ]
19. B?n nghi gi v? nh?ng ngu?i b?n c?a minh?
-Shining friend :X:X:X:X
20. N?u b?n nuoi m?t con cho , ten no s? la?
- Pause :|
21. B? phim yeu thich?
- Em co yeu anh dau :))
22. Hanh d?ng dien nh?t v?a lam?
- No promise
23. Nh?c cong s? choi bai gi trong tang l? c?a b?n?
- Ngu?i l? noi cu?i con du?ng !!!! ~~
24. Di?u gi khi?n b?n cu?i?
- Nice guys :)
25. Di?u gi khi?n b?n khoc?
- It's Hurt (bai nay ?n tu?ng m?nh )
26. B?n da k?t hon chua?
- Smile =)) e m?i 17t thoi ?
27. Di?u gi lam b?n s? nh?t?
- Call me da liar >"<
28. Co ai thich b?n khong?
- Nothing in ur eyes =]
29. N?u du?c quay ngu?c th?i gian, b?n s? thay d?i di?u gi?
- Ch? th? thoi :)
30. Ngay luc nay di?u gi lam b?n t?n thuong?
- On the floor =))))))))))))))
K mu?n ai dinh tag ^^

Swimming in Ha Long Bay

Swimming in Ha Long Bay

These guys were swimming in the bay across the street from my hotel. There's a beach below the water that emerges in low tide.

gai beach hotel

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