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motels in hollywood beach florida

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  • A roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists, typically having the rooms arranged in a low building with parking directly outside

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Sandy Beach Apartments - Hollywood Beach, Florida

Sandy Beach Apartments - Hollywood Beach, Florida

"On the Ocean Front"
1414 S. Surf Road, Hollywood Beach, Florida
Apartments for two or four people. All apartments steam heated; tub and shower baths; cross ventilation; souther exposure and ocean view from each apartment. Owner management.Your hosts, The Phil Millers, formerly of Youngstown, Ohio.

Mailed from Dania, Florida to Rev. & Mrs. E.S. Denton of Greensburg, Kentucky on June 22, 1953:

Believe or not we are here - and its wonderful. Brother is a glowing (???). We did need this vacation, Your birthday present is in Dentron. We leave June 15th. Love Brother & Jean.

barkeep, gimme another one and make it a double ...

barkeep, gimme another one and make it a double ...

We came to feel great fondness for this little gecko who hung around the outdoor shower at the motel (the outdoor shower for de-sanding and de-shelling after swimming in the ocean or sitting on the beach).

We named him George and we loved him and pet him and fed him.

motels in hollywood beach florida

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